Excited to try Lumitea πŸ˜

Add the code DESIREE by check out when you order and you get 20% discount!Β lumitea.com

Hi There!

As I posted last time, I really got into this detox teas. I had my 14 day detox with the other tea which helped me a lot with my bloated tummy.

Now I am about the to try the Lumitea and I am exciiiited!!! Above/ below you can find a discount code just for you!!! I am going to start today πŸ€—

Β I got 3 different teas:

Skinny – every morning before or during breakfast

Colon – every 2nd evening before you go to bed

These 2 will help against bloating (yes!) cleanses your colon and is antioxidant. Flat belly and reduces hunger – so my chocolate cravings in the afternoon will stop πŸ˜‚

Revive – which you can drink every day or when ever you feel like

This tea has also an anti aging effect, brightens your skin, block cancer causing free radicals and also boosts your immune system!! Β It also strengthens your eyesight πŸ‘πŸΌ

Please see below the pictures… the packiging is really nice and looks healthy!


I also ordered the tumbler and infuser as you see below. The tumbler is so practical – I get kinda hectic in the morning running to work..instead taking more minutes at home – take the tea with you! There is a button which is able to lock it and you can carry it in your with out spilling! This is also a loose leafe tea – and this my first cute infuser and there are even more colors to choose!


This came with the order and says “stick me to your fridge” you see all 30 days on it so you won’t forget to drink your tea!!


Im really happy to share this with you. Of course you can inform yourself on


And if there are teas you are interested in, use the discount code DESIREE at check out and you will get 20% off from your order! Isn’t that great?

I will be keeping you updated how my 30 days are going 😊

xo xo



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