Fighting against PIMPLES

Hi There!

Yes, the title says it all! I have been struggling with my break out since a few days and they seem to be heavier than I thought. I have stopped taking the anti baby pill since December I think that is how my body is changing.

How do I deal with pimples? I have 3 things which are very helpful getting rid of them!

Number 1!

This is zinc ointment which is also used for rushes on baby’s little bum, but a lot of people with acne know that this wound healing and is antiseptic and can be used on wet wounds too. I use it over I take q tip and put to onto the pimple and wash it off in the morning! This does not have any preservatives, fragrances or colorants. I rather use this for smaller pimples or even they are healing.

I bought this a drugstore in Germany at DM EUR 2,55

Read more about this product

Number 2!

I heard a lot of the benefits of Tea Tree oil and I took bought it the other day and I was desperate of getting rid of the bigger pimples. You these deep ones that really hurt? Yeah got 3 on my cheek 😦

Tea Tree Oil is very famous for wound healing, is antiseptic, disinfectant and is fungicidal. Important is when you buy the product, look at the ingredients: if Melaleuca Alternifolia is shown on the firsts lines, it means there is a higher percentage of the Tea Tree oil, when it is shown somewhere below is means there is less of the oil and more different substances than the actual Tea Tree oil in it! Check with the sales person if this is an option for your skin as it dries out the skin.

I take q tip and with 2 drops and just put in on the pimples or spots to be treated and leave it over night.

I got this one from The Body Shop here in Lucerne for CHF 12,90

Read more about this product

Number 3!

This is my to go pimples saver 🙂 I have been using this since around 8 years now and I always rebuy it. This a SOS Anti-Pimple Stick which you can take everywhere. It is a clear gel for every skin types. This has zinc, salicylic acid, vitamin B3 and regulates sebum. it helps also against inflammation. I use this when I am at home or at work as you can’t see it 🙂

I put a little of it on the tip of my finger and put on the pimples. it really helps drying out the pimples specially the smaller ones are almost gone over night.

you can get this at any drugstore, I bought again at DM in Germany for EUR 3,75

Read more about this product

In all you always need to wash off your mask up before you go to bed!! Very important! And don’t forget to drink a lot of water.

What do you use or do you have any tips on getting rid of pimples?




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