What I Bought – Urban Decay 

Hi There!

Hope you had a wonderful weekend! Yes, I did it again! What do you do when you pass by make up stands at the awesome store Globus… Well, anyways I was running out of concealer so I just added 2 more things haha

Here we go!


Urban Decay – Quick Fix (Vegan)

This is a Quick Fix – Hydra – Charged Complexion Prep Priming Spray… What a name! And look at the amazing color!!! Love! It promises to hydrate your skin, shall reduce the appearance of pores, brightens and smoohthes skin and replaces lost moisture. This is made for any skin types and has an energizing formula with nourishing ingredients like vitamin B3, sepotonic M3 and coconut water which makes it smell so good! I use it in the morning before my face cream and toner. I also use it in the evening just to keep my skin hydrated as I am having some dry parts on my face. This is my 2nd week with it so I am still in the testing phase 🙂

Price: CHF 39.00

 Read more about this product here


Urban Decay – Big Fatty Mascara

This is the Big Fatty Mascara! I was amazed when I tried it as it makes big black lashes. It promises to thicken and lenghten your lashes with hemp seed oil, vitamin E and jojoba oil. It has rejuvenating and hydrating benefits and is buidable, should be feeling weightless and has a flake proof formula. I must say that this product is awesome, but it takes me much longer to take it off and it smeares under my brows. So these are the – points, but everything else works out so far 🙂

Price: CHF 24.99

 Read more about this product here


Urban Decay – Naked Skin Concealer (Vegan)

This Naked Skin concealer is defenitely my favorite. I bought this for the 2nd time 🙂 It has a demi matt finish and it is very easy to blend and build up. It contains anti – wrinkle peptides, japanese green tea and litchiderm which protects against dehydration. Sodium hyolurate helps skin attract and retain moisture. I use this every morning for my undereyes and cover pimples or blemishes. Even I don’t use foundation, still this helps for some coverage and is perfect for everyday. To me it lasts the whole day and is one of the best concealer I actually ever used.

Price: CHF 32.90

 Read more about this product here


So these are my 3 new things I bought from Urban Decay, what are your favorite products from this company?

What I really love is the fact that they are against animal testing and as you also see  – Vegan 🙂 This is really important to me, also I am trying to prevent using products with paraben. What do you think? Let me know!

Have a wonderful start of the week!




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