Excited to try Lumitea πŸ˜

Add the code DESIREE by check out when you order and you get 20% discount!Β lumitea.com Hi There! As I posted last time, I really got into this detox teas. I had my 14 day detox with the other tea which helped me a lot with my bloated tummy. Now I am about the to try … Continue reading Excited to try Lumitea πŸ˜


Burger, but asian style!

Hi There! Are you into burgers, but at the same time craving for some asian food? I got a solution! Berlin: Rosa-Luxemburg-Straße 9-11 Restaurant: Prince Not only that they offer some real good asian food..the interior is amazing! It was the second time for me having the same dish at this place called: Pipa Duck … Continue reading Burger, but asian style!