My 2nd Trimester

Hi There! Hope you all are doing well 🙂 Here I wanted to give an update on my 2nd Trimester and I also put this down as an remembrance haha What happened in the past months? How did my body change and do we know what gender my baby is? 2nd Trimester week 14 to … Continue reading My 2nd Trimester


Week 29 to week 31 – Low lying Placenta

Hi There! I hope you all are doing great! Since the 8th of May I have been in the hospital. In these 3 weeks I have been at home for 2 days 2 times. The reason: I was bleeding.. in all it happened 4 times. Why? I have a low-lying placenta in the back of … Continue reading Week 29 to week 31 – Low lying Placenta